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Terms and Conditions of Business

A Member of The ADI Federation

Pupils attention is drawn to the following terms of business. We regret the school cannot be held responsible for any misunderstanding arising from neglect to read below.

  1. The file issued either before or at the first appointment remains the property of the driving school and must be returned if requested. Pupils are expected to have there appointment card with them on every lesson in order that the instructor can make notes of your progress and to make the next appointment/s.
  2. Pupils must personally ensure that they are the holders of a current signed driving licence, which must be produced at the first lesson.
  3. Tuition fees- must be paid at the beginning of the lesson unless the pupil prefers to pay in advance. There are no credit terms.
  4. Postponement of a lesson by the driving school. If by reason of a vehicle failure or other emergency a lesson has been cancelled at short notice, an alternative appointment shall be arranged by mutual consent. Should such cancellation be that of a driving test the school shall be responsible to the pupil for the fee of the next test if it cannot be cancelled within the required time (see para. 6) regardless of the pupils continuation of lessons with the school. Pupils will appreciate that it will not always be possible to notify cancellation if a breakdown occurs on the way. If circumstances arise that a change of instructor becomes necessary, the pupil shall have the right to decline and also the right to discontinue lessons with the school.
  5. Postponement or cancellation of lessons by pupils
    1. (A) 24 hours! Notice of postponement or cancellation of a lesson is required.
    2. (B) Such notice to the school (in writing or by telephone) shall be deemed to have been served on the day that the communication is received at the schools premises, where it will be timed and recorded in the daily telephone and post book.
    3. (C) Where by reason of late cancellation of a pupils fee is unrefundable, allowance must be made for such savings as the school enjoyed as a result of the car not having been in operation.
  6. Postponement or cancellation of a driving test.
    • (A) the attention of pupils is drawn to the fact that 3 clear working days notice is required by the D.S.A. for the cancellation or postponement of a test.
    • (B) If necessary the school will advise pupils at least three weeks prior to the date of the test of the advisability of cancellation, but cannot be responsible for the loss of the test fee if the pupil fails immediately upon being informed to notify the Traffic Area Office the address of which is given on the test appointment card.
  7. The school guarantees that only legally qualified instructors will give tuition. Instructors' official D.S.A. authorising documents will be displayed on the windscreen of the car and may be freely inspected any time.

Code of conduct for professional instructors which is applied by the Chariot School Of Motoring.

  1. Not mislead the public as to the services provided by the school, with particular reference to instructors qualifications, costs relating to the time required to reach the standard of the D.S.A. driving test, and make adequate provisions necessary to acquaint clients with the terms of business.
  2. Avoid improper language, suggestions or physical contact with clients.
  3. Take all reasonable care, skill and diligence in instructing clients in all relevant aspects of traffic and driver education.
  4. Not discuss information disclosed by a client, during a course of professional tuition, to any other party , except where under obligation in law and outlined in 5 below.
  5. Not discuss information, except for normal consultation within a school or where the lessons are being paid for by another person or company, in which case, this third party shall have the right to this information, providing this is given with the clients knowledge.
  6. Maintain proper standards of personal hygiene and dress.
  7. Ensure any vehicle driven or used for tuition is maintained in good mechanical order and condition, is properly insured, taxed and, where appropriate, certified as road worthy, and that all reasonable care is taken to keep it clean and tidy.
  8. Ensure that professional driving tuition is carried out only within the terms of the law with particular reference to driver licensing and provision of a professional service.

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Jackie is a great instructor you get what you pay for would highly recommend.

Steven Joyce, Kirton

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