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Automatic Training

Toyota automatic car

Never stall again or worry about hill starts much easier than manual enjoy your lessons.

The benefits

  1. Many people find automatic simpler to drive
  2. Learning in an automatic can allow you to focus more on speed and road position
  3. More smiling less stress enjoy your lessons
  4. Just gas and go no stalling, no clutch control needed
  5. No rolling back at junctions 
  6. Learn to drive in a hybrid (part electric part petrol vehicle) and go green
  7. They're probably more reliable and less likely to get driver abuse than a manual

Driving Test Success

Student Pass

Take a look at some of the students who have passed their driving test with Chariot School of Motoring.

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Thankyou so much for your time and support, could not have done it without your lessons! Would recommend to anyone, especially someone looking to start learning to drive from scratch (like me), and wants to pass with minimum faults. Many thanks! Talia :)

Talia Amy McMillan, Kirton

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