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Eco Driving - Save money on fuel

Here are a few hints and tips on how to reduce fuel consumption by at least 15% and how to become a less stressed driver.

Low revs, high gear
For best fuel efficiency change gears up at 2,000 revs in a diesel 2,500 in a petrol and change down at 1500 revs
Read the road
Be proactive not reactive look for hazards that could affect you and other road users , vision before decision
Plan ahead
Vision before decision a good driver needs to look in the far distance as far as the eye can see, this will improve your driving 90%. Also include looking in the middle,near and peripheral areas and make frequent use of mirrors not forgetting a glance down at your speedometer
Keep moving
Rather than rush in and slam the brakes on then accelerate away be proactive and assess the hazard and try to keep the vehicle moving. Slow to flow or plan to stop but look to go.
Engine braking
Where possible take your foot off the gas earlier on approach to a hazard this slows your vehicle down using engine braking and saves fuel and brake pads etc its called a free ride!
Block gear changing
This saves fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle i.e gear boxes, clutches etc one hazard one gear for instance on approach at a roundabout 6th down to 2nd perhaps or when overtaking in a lower gear block change up a couple of gears. Less gear changes and a safer cleaner environment.
Tyre Pressure checks
Again important for saving fuel and providing adequate grip and control of the vehicle Under inflation is one of the top contributory factors in crashes,especially with motorbikes. Remember your tyres are the only contact with the road surface so they need to be in good condition.

Driving Test Success

Student Pass

Take a look at some of the students who have passed their driving test with Chariot School of Motoring.

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Doing my driving lessons and my pass plus with Chariot Motoring School was a great experience. I was extremely nervous bu Steve calmed my nerves and constantly boosted my confidence. Always reassuring that I could do it and then when I passed first time it was proven. Overall brilliant experience and couldn't of dreamt for a better instructor!

Rachel, Fosdyke

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